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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Reaching, Teaching and Discipling

Parent Toolbox

Hey Parents,
Every couple of weeks you will receive tools within this link that will hopefully encourage you, equip you and give you some direction concerning problems, issues, or just things to ponder as you deal with your teen.  Please know we are always available for help, direction or those moments when you just need someone to listen.
My personal cell is 864-350-7785.
Standing with you,
Pastor Anthony

August 4, 2019
This Weeks Topic:   Raising Empathetic Teens, Part 1

Dear Parents,

Teens all get a bad rap with it comes to empathy. They often struggle to understand the needs and emotions of the people around them because of the emotional storm within themselves!

This month, we talk about how to raise empathetic teens; teens that are not just consumed
with the emotions of the moment but care about the feelings of people around them. We
believe that you can play a huge role in this process!

We have posted a coaching video for you with some practical tips! 

We are praying for you this month!

Please check out this week’s online parenting class:

With your family in mind,
Pastor Anthony