Pleasant Grove Baptist Student Ministry
Friday, May 20, 2022
Reaching, Teaching and Discipling

Parent Ministry Tools

At Pleasant Grove Baptist Student Ministry we believe that our greatest opportunity to see students continue in their faith not only comes from our ministry to students within the church but by giving parents the tools and help they need to lead their students in the home.  
Parents still have the opportunity to be the greatest influence in their child's life.
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Seeking Parents Ministry
Our Parent Ministry exists to help parents SEEK Gods direction for parenting their children/teens by ...
S- Standing with parents as a source of strength.
E- Encouraging parents to be spiritual examples for their children to model.
E- Equipping parents with the tools & scripture they need to be successful.
K- Helping parents keep their children safe from the snares and temptations of today's
     culture while they are growing & learning God's love, purpose and direction for
     their lives.
I- Inviting parents to work with other parents as a support group.
N- Not letting parents give up on their children.
G- Giving parents the support they need to be an effective Godly parent
(Seeking Parents Ministry is a ministry of Pastor Anthony McCaleb and is used in cooperation and incorporated into Pleasant Grove Baptist Student Ministry)